Tuesday Meeting topic

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, November 26th at the Mesa Utilities Building. This meeting is usually a small and short meeting due to the holidays coming up. Most people are traveling, on vacation, or just busy. So if you can’t make it then that is fine. The topic will be DMR (NO, NOT […]

October Virtual Meeting

Wow, this totally sneaked up on me. Tomorrow we will be having a virtual meeting.  It will be via YouTube. Topics will be: AZ QSO Party Club Changes Frank and Orion’s Railfan Adventure to watch the Big Boy come rumbling past. Open for discussion – Might talk briefly about the CalFire issue.

Next year meeting schedule

Next year, we are changing our meeting schedules to Wednesday nights instead of Tuesday.  There are several reasons behind this change.  Vinnie will start working Sun through Tuesday nights.  Currently this would mean he wouldn’t be able to make it to our meetings at all.  But turn out to our meetings on Tuesdays have been […]