Agenda for the upcoming meeting

Agenda for the Upcoming meeting

We will be using Zoom instead of YouTube.  The reason why, is there is a delay in the YouTube stream.  Sometimes that is less than a few seconds, but sometimes it can be upwards of 15 seconds.  Since we are going to be doing some education Follow me examples, the best way to do this is have a service that has little delay.  We will simultaneously push to youtube for those of you who can’t or don’t want to use zoom, but be advised, that if you ask a question in the chat, it might take a bit for us to see it.

So here is the agenda, be advised, this is a simple one so not very detailed.  If you have any questions, comments, want to add stuff, let us know:

Meeting Agenda – March 25th 2020

  1. Intro’s
  2. Agenda discussion
  3. Club News
    1. April Camping trip still on
    2. Field Day trip….still on.
    3. You can buy your T-shirts on ARRL
    4. Mesh Networking Update
  4. Echolink
    1. How to install
    2. Setup router
  5. IRC – Vinnie
    1. Pass screen share to him
  6. Prepping
    1. What it is
    2. What to think about
      1. Bugging in
      2. Bugging out
    3. How to go about doing it
    4. How does this relate to Ham Radio


Updated: March 22, 2020 — 06:12

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