April Virtual Meeting is almost upon us

Topics we will be discussing is Field Day plans.  Yes we haven’t given up hope just yet.  That wont happen till about two weeks prior to the event.  We are still roughly 2 months away, and we foresee a ton of States relaxing the Stay at home orders, well unless you live in one of those communist States that is handing out fines and arresting people, but we are starting to hear some light (is that possible?  I guess only hams can hear light!), at the end of the tunnel.  States are now talking about wanting to lift restrictions starting in the next few weeks.  That could be a good thing, especially for Field Day.

We will discuss our Plan A and Plan B.

We will also talk about how to find study material for getting into Ham Radio or achieving that upgrade.  We will briefly talk about the online test taking.  It will be brief since there isn’t much to talk about, only a few things to say.

We will be using Zoom again.  Please click on the even in our calendar for the meeting info.

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