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Band Pass Filters

Part of last nights discussion was about projects that we can do as a club.  One of those projects is a Band Pass Filter.  We will be, as a club, building a few of these.  This is a great learning project for hams.  At the same time, this is a great way to get a set for your own shack.

So what is a Band Pass filter?  Well, if any of you have ever attended one of our Field Days or camping events, you will have undoubtedly seen unintentional interference on one of the radios set to a particular band.  So lets say your radio is on 20 Meters, and there is a nearby radio setup on say 15 Meters.  As they transmit, your radio picks up their signal.  Not clear or precise, but it either prevents you from hearing other stations, or causes noise.

So if you installed a Band Pass filter on your antenna feed line, now essentially “blocks” out all other frequencies other than the ones on your band.  That’s the simplest explanation.  There is a way more technical explanation, but for this purpose, I will spare you the details.

So, here is a video talking about the Band Pass Filters.

And now, here is a PDF article about them and how to make them.

So what’s next?  We will be putting together a training session on how to build these.  We will find a time to meet up, sit down and make a few.  We will put up a “shopping list” for you to go out, buy the parts, so when we do the training, you can sit down and make your own.  So stay tuned for our meet up.

Updated: March 29, 2018 — 19:41

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