Calling all those interested in the Hobby and new hams

Starting this month, we will be conducting a Ham Radio 101 class.  Well not really a class where you sit down in a boring lecture hall, with pen and paper, sitting in hard chairs, trying to stay awake while some professor in a suit and tie lectures on and on…..Bueller, Bueller, Bueller.

Nope, this will be a series of Meetings, outings, and video lectures.  We will be doing some live streaming as well.  Those who are interested in the hobby, this is the time to start coming down and visiting us.

Our next meeting will be starting off with a Ham 101, Ethics and Part 97 rules.  January 22nd, 6:30pm, at 640 N. Mesa Dr, Mesa AZ, 85201.

Then during our Winter Field Day we will continue on with some of the lessons.  Yes it will be streamed on our Facebook channel, or at least a part of it will.  Some will make it into some videos that will be posted later.  But honestly, to get the most out of it, please visit the Winter Field Day camping trip location.  You don’t have to camp, you can simply come up for the day.

What will we be doing?  Well for starters, anyone who has an HT and has never used it, doesn’t know if it’s programmed right, or is scared to press the PTT button, then we will be doing a simple simplex net the entire time.  446.050 is the frequency we will be using.  The catch…you wont be able to hear us unless you are near Lake Roosevelt.  In order for you to participate, you will need to drag yourself out of your house, go for a lovely drive (not a bad drive either), and visit.  We will take the time to look at your radio, help you do a simple program of a few frequencies (you will need to bring your own programming cable), and we will assist in getting your radio programmed.  Then we will take the time to introduce you to the PTT button on your radio, get you use to talking on it, then we will get you on the Rim Link repeaters and see if anyone is interested in talking to a new ham (be prepared for a pile up).

The next topic we will be doing is constructing a simple dipole or OCF antenna.  Great for Emergency communications, great for those starting out.

So don’t be scared or shy, come on down to our meeting.  Come to our Winter Field Day event.


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  1. Glad I found your site and your call out to new hams!

    I really could use some help as I tried to check into a net tonight and was unsuccessful. I’ll plan on coming out to Lake Roosevelt on Saturday – Winter Field Day. Also really interested in continuing with the HAM 101 classes as well.

    Is there a good time of the day Saturday to target? I’ll be sure to bring my HT and manual.
    Chuck – KI7PEV

    1. Any time on Saturday Chuck is fine. We look forward to seeing you!

  2. Does the Mesa Radio Club do classes for the license test and testing?

    Eduardo Ortiz/NP4ES

    1. No we don’t do formal classes anymore. There are several reasons for this. Cost is one. To do a formal class, we have to have a place to hold those classes and most places charge or limit how many meetings you can have, or how many people, or even whether you can sell or collect money. The other issue is time. Classes that are an hour or two simply don’t do anyone justice. So a class needs to be greater than a few hours and needs to be consistent. Another issue we have found with our past classes are, people show up for one class, and then skip out on the others.

      So to fix this, our meetings, Virtual meetings and our YouTube videos are what we suggest. Great question though.

      Honestly, the time and the need to do classes are a thing of the past. With the Internet, it’s easier now to get your license without the need for a formal class. There are no FCC regulations requiring you to attend a class.

      So what do we recommend?

      First, pick up a test guide. We recommend the W5YI Tech license, General license and Extra license books.

      Also, there are a ton of online info you can easily find. is one such place. is another.

      What we recommend you is you start with the book, highlight all the correct answers and then study the questions and the correct answer. Then start taking online quizzes. When you start passing the quizzes with 90% or better, then find a local testing site and do the test.

      But that’s the beginning. Your education and learning is not over. It’s a lifetime of learning. Those that say they know everything or usually the ones to stay away from. It’s the ones that will guide you to where to find the info or admit they don’t know but go and find the info are the ones you want to stay friends with.

      Our club is always learning. We are always encouraging others to learn and expand their knowledge. So if you are serious about learning, then come on down and visit us during a meeting. Or hop on during our next virtual meeting, which will be this month. I just haven’t posted it yet.

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