Coconino National Forest Campground Proposed Fee changes

It’s not official yet, but the Coconino National Forest is proposing changing the fees for some of the campgrounds we use.  I don’t like the fact that they are raising the fees so drastically.  We knew that eventually they will be increasing the fees, but the step increase is out of our budget.

Here is the link to the website regarding the changes.  I urge every member to send them comments letting them know how you feel about it.  We will not persuade you to take one side or the other, this is totally up to you.

So what does this mean for the club and how will it impact our trips?  The decision was made last night to go Dispersed camping from now on, other than for Winter Field Day.  Timbercamp is usually our early spring and late fall camping place and this place is a pay your own way type of campground anyways.

This means that you, the members, will have to pay more attention to our Facebook and Website as camping time nears.  In 2018 we did dispersed camping, and how we did it was we found several potential spots, then had one of us drive up on Wednesday and somewhat reserve the spot.  They then let me and maybe the club know what spot.  What you had to do was pay attention to where the location was, map your route to get there.

At the campground, we will need to pay special attention to our simplex talk in frequency.

Why was this decision made?  Well the fees for one thing.  But it seems that we end up having more fun while dispersed anyways.  The structure of having a reserved spot is always nice to have so if we have visitors it’s easy to mark on the map to allow them to find us.  However, the trade off is we can operate when and how we like with little interference from other campers in the area.  On the flip side, we now need to take extra precautions.  Make sure we pick  up our trash and haul it out.  Keep tabs on our water usage.  Make sure that our cars are not parked in tall grass so it doesn’t catch things on fire.

The nice thing is, this will give us a great exercise to plan our operations more than we would normally would.  Try to go lighter than usual.

So hopefully this will increase the amount of members who show up.  We will see what happens.


Updated: July 10, 2019 — 05:06


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  1. Count us in! We typically use dispersed camping spots anyways. Let us know if you need any help or suggestions.
    Chuck & Reese

  2. Hi I’m a new member as of today 9.18.19 so thanks for accepting me. Camping is something that we have done for many years. I’m 71 so maybe I can be of some value for future trips to the hills.
    Looking forward to seeing you at the next meeting.
    KJ7GQI Joel and Casey

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