Echo Link Meeting – March 25th

March 25th will be a Beginners setup of Echolink.  We will take you through the setup process for Echolink.  Anyone and everyone who wants to see how this process is done, this is the meeting for you.  Echolink is fairly straight forward to setup and use, but sometimes it gets confusing in some of the settings.

So please bring a laptop as well as a pair of headphones with a microphone, make sure that you have registered for Echolink, and download it prior to arriving.  If you don’t get registered you will have to stand and watch because the registration process takes a few days.

We will then use Echolink to link to each other and then connect to various servers around the world and see if we can test everything out.

Any questions, please send an email to

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  1. Good afternoon ke7vlc,

    I’m so glad you are offering A class on how too.

    I’ll attemp to download echolink on my surface pro 4. & pick up a headset and Mike. Will I need any special wires to link my handheld to the PC?

    1. For echolink, you will not be connecting your hand held to your PC other than to program it. Echolink doesn’t work with a radio other than if you want to be a link which is somewhat like a repeater. But a hand held radio wouldn’t be a recommended link radio in the first place.

      Echolink is simply another tool that acts like a radio. But if you want to connect to another station that has echolink capabilities, then you would use your radio like a radio. You would press the push to talk button on the side of your radio on the same frequency of that repeater or link, and you are on. For repeaters there will be a special key requirement for you to connect the echolink, unless it’s fully connected (Hint, most are fully connected all the time), or if the link is down for a specific reason.

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