Field Day Planning Meeting

Meeting video is below

One month away from Field Day. the ever important Field Day planning meeting will be May 28th, at the Mesa Utilities Building 640 N. Mesa Dr, Mesa AZ, 85201 at 6:30pm. Meeting will start on time since we have several topics to discuss and one experiment.

Field Day will be our main topic. It will be straight forward. But we will be asking as many of you to show up either Friday or early Saturday meeting. We also ask that you let us know ahead of time that you will be attending. The campground is somewhat space limited, so the sooner you let us know you will be there, the more likely we can reserve space.

We will be doing a 4a. Three main radios running and 1 BYOR. This will allow those who want to try out a new radio, or use their own gear, a spot they can hop on and get on the air. We will provide a laptop with the software, you will need to bring your radio, feedline and antenna. This is one reason we recommend coming early, so that we can assist in getting your antenna up. Once the event starts, the less likely we will have people to help setup because they will more than likely be on the radio or busy helping each other.

We will post more info as needed before the event. Pay attention to our website and facebook for further info.

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  1. I will be there most likely Sat morning with my own radio and antenna! Looking forward to the fun!

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