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      For Field Day we are doing something different. We will not be going to a Reserved Group campground this year. We will be doing dry camping instead. The reason behind this is cost. Plus, the theory behind Field Day is to do a simulated off grid/Emergency Communications dry run, so lets switch it up.

      Here is a link to the campgrounds we have chosen. Point Alpha will be the spot we will attempt to get, but if we can’t get that spot, then the fall back points will be Bravo, Charlie, etc.

      You will need to pay close attention to the Facebook and Website as to our location. We will also be on the Metro link system off of Mount Ord, and will be monitoring the Rim Link.

      We will have a simplex frequency that we will use for local communications.

      If you use the following link, you will notice that we marked a few other locations of interest. There is a Hotel about 7 miles away. My recommendation is to make your reservations now. There is also a small grocery store. I wouldn’t expect this to be stocked like a grocery store down here in the valley, but I would expect it to have ice, drinks, and maybe a few other essentials.

      This is a dry camp. With that being said, there are no facilities, no water, no garbage, etc. We will be digging a pit toilet. You will need to bring your own water up. We will be using our Generators. So if this is not the type of camping you enjoy, then perhaps coming up for the day or staying at the local hotel will be a better option for you.

      We will have signs on the road to mark the road turn off, but you will need to be paying attention. It shouldn’t be that difficult to find.

      At this moment, we plan on being a 2A or a 3A station, depending on how many of you bring your radios. If you plan on attending, let us know. We would like to know about a month prior, how many are planning on attending. If you are planning on attending and have a radio you want to bring up, (HF radio that is), let us know in advance. We need to know for a little pre planning. If you are wanting to go, but unsure, then just say so. It would be nice to see a few smiling faces.

      Field Day 2018 is June 23-24. So plan it out now.


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