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      Here is the break down of how we did.

      135 contacts made, using mostly phone but some digital thrown in there.

      110 phone
      25 digital.

      Usually we do more digital, but this weekend we seemed to enjoy phone. Technically we had 2 stations running with a third run by Dennis, who will usually get maybe a contact or two, but he likes to play with different antennas and equipment. Orion just shared the other 2 stations and made contacts when either one of them were not being used.

      What else did we do? Well we did build the antenna launcher. We will be posting video and pics as time allows.

      One member bought a new Ft-8800 and is her first radio. So we took some time, helped her get setup. We showed her how to program her radio and did program up a few repeaters in the Phoenix area for her.

      Overall, the event was a success in our books. Temps dropped down to the upper 30’s at night. Coyotes were barking all around us. But we did have a group campfire where we shared stories, talked about future events for the club, other activities that we are thinking about, and overall, just had fun.

      So while we didn’t make thousands of contacts and operated the entire time, we were Elmers, we experimented, did a build, and overall, had fun. Hope that more of you will come out to our next event.

      Stay tuned to the gallery page at for a photo album dedicated to the event!


      Surprise, the club will be participating in Winter Field Day. Get ready to break out the Arizona Winter Parka’s (sweat shirt or light jacket), and come hang out with us for this event.

      Much like regular Field Day, we will have a specific designation, and the point is to make as many contacts as possible.

      Here is the Winter Field Day WEBSITE and here are the RULES.

      Please read both before coming out. I will have a copy onsite, but that is mostly used for reference.

      We will be doing another Facebook and Youtube live this time around. It was a big hit the last time and it fits perfectly with the updated version of the club.

      We will have a campfire. However, like our normal outings, this is a bring your own adventure and gear. We will have several radios onsite and we encourage sharing. We also encourage new attempts at things. Winlink, once again, we will attempt Winlink. I think we will also attempt Olivia and maybe RTTY.

      If there is something else you would like to experiment with, lets do it.

      Weather, most of you know that our winter weather is not like the snowy North. But temps in the desert can get down below freezing. We will be posting updated weather as it gets closer, but be prepared for “winter” weather for Arizona.

      This site does have flush toilets and water. It even has showers nearby.

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      I can send you a few pics of Winter Field day.
      Who do I sent them to?

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      Send them to

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