Holiday Schedule

For those of you who are curious, November 27th will be a face to face meeting at the Mesa Utilities building.

December meeting would be a virtual meeting, but it’s on Christmas day.  I doubt any of you are going to attend.  I might hold one for a short period of time in the early afternoon, but it’s not a planned event.

Next Years schedule is being discussed.  Chances are, our January meeting will be a virtual meeting, February will be a face to face meeting.


We will be posting short videos as we make them throughout the months to come.

Some have asked to have some Tech classes.  We are discussing how to accomplish this.  We are thinking more virtual training sessions, and we might give that a try if anyone is interested.  If interested please send an email to  It would be nice to see roughly about 10 to 20 who would be interested.

Other items that have been tossed around here and there, Fox hunt (will need to make or purchase some foxes), HT practice event in a park, a few build classes (if there is enough interest).

Don’t forget, Winter Field Day in January!!!  Very fun event.

Updated: November 8, 2018 — 12:01

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