• Eric posted an update 4 years, 6 months ago

    Hi, Looking for some help in getting started in the world of Hams. Noticed no meetings for a few months.

    • Hello,
      I guess I have a long term goal to be able to use radios to talk from Broadway and rural to daughters mothers house near I-17 and Bell. Mostly to learn skills and have fun. Diversion from cell phones etc. She’s 13.
      Along the way we want to:
      1 join a club
      2 study and pass technical test
      3 learn new hobby
      Is there a relay system to do above? Where can we go to take test?
      Been trying to read but with out knowing all possible systems and abbreviations it’s a bit difficult.
      Was sad to see we missed your camping outing.

      • I forgot. Also interested in “best” type of antenna, ground plane, J-pole or ?? To build for this endeavor. If rg8x is the coax?
        My Christmas gifts this year are going to be dual band radios to help get relatives an entry into hams. 2m and 70 cm to start.
        Thought it might I’d get you my number if that’s easier. 602.885-1010 Eric