New Year means New Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope all of you were safe, and in some places like Phoenix Arizona, you stayed warm despite the cold temperatures outside.

With a New Year, most people set out to challenge themselves with what is commonly called Resolutions.  For some it might be to lose weight.  Some it might to save more.  Others, it might be learn something new.  The club is in the same boat.  What did we do last year, what challenges did we have, and where would we like to be by the end of this year.

One resolution that I would like to solve is to help others educate themselves more, especially when it comes to Ham Radio.  Some of you might have recently just gotten into the hobby and are struggling with some of the concepts, have general questions about some of the basics of the hobby.   Some might have recently gotten their first radio over Christmas and are struggling to program it or have what is called, Mike fright.

Our first event of the year is Winter Field Day.  It’s similar to the ARRL Field Day, but different enough that other aspects of the hobby can also be enjoyed.  If you have a new radio, new to the hobby, curious about the hobby, please come visit us at this event.  This is the perfect time to do this.  We will have people on site that can assist in programming your radio.  We will be conducting a loose Simplex net, so that if you are scared to press the PTT (Push To Talk) button, this might help you get over that fear.  We will have HF available for those who have never been on HF before.

This club was started by two individuals that got tired of other clubs not actively engaging new hams.  This is our Resolution.  We want to help those in need out.  The difficulty is getting people to step up and assist us, do Presentations, and of course be there at our meetings.  We are a small club and honestly we like the small club aspect.  But with that being said, building the club starts with the small aspects.

We recently have been asked by several potential hams if we are going to have a class.   The issue with this request is that it costs money.  Why?  Because we need to have a place to use to conduct the training sessions.  I have thought about doing a virtual class on this, and not sure if it will work or not.  The issue with not being in a physical environment is knowing how well the class is engaged in the presentation.  Anyone can create a set of power point slides and toss it up on the net for others to look at.  One suggestion was to try and find out how much it costs to use a meeting hall at a local hotel, then charging for that class.  To me, that takes away the whole pecuniary limitation of the hobby.  So some feed back would be nice to have whether it would be worthy of doing this or not.  The other part of this would be to start doing classes, every meeting, but going over one section of the class at a time.  The difficulty with this is, this would spread the class over almost the entire year.  There are so many places out there that you can easily use and find online that would allow you to get your license easier and faster.

One other topic brought up was getting more YouTube Videos up and online for you to use.  Another would be to use our R&D funding (currently a whopping $0 a year) to do what all great R&D departments around the world do….Ripoff & Deploy (Develop).  I don’t really want to do that as much since it’s someone else’s work…but sometimes that’s the easy way of doing things.

The other issue is knowing what everyone wants to know.  We need feedback for this to work.  So how we will accomplish this goal is, I will just randomly take a topic, and put a link to a video or make one.  So we want feedback.  We want to know if there is something that is confusing for you or you have questions about.  At the same time, if there is something you would like to share, let us know.  If you make a video, power point, audio recording, or you want to stand up in front of us and do a Presentation….please send me an email, KE7VLC@WM7RC.ORG

We now have a Google Drive available that we will be utilizing to drop this info into that I will then be able to grab and upload to our website, YouTube Channel, or Facebook page.

Essentially, our Resolution is to provide more educational, experimental, and sometimes highly entertaining videos and content.

What are your Resolutions and how can we help you achieve them?


Updated: January 2, 2019 — 07:29

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