Novembers Meeting

We had the meeting, although only 3 members showed.  We actually expected this to happen since it’s around the holidays.

Topics discussed was meetings.  We needed to reserve the meeting rooms for next year, so we talked about how we do our meetings.

It’s very important to remember the following PCVB.

P – Physical Meeting

C- Camping

V – Virtual Meeting

B – Break month (Bye Month in Football Terms) – Essentially a month without any formal planned activities

So starting in January you can now figure out our schedule.  So January would be a Physical meeting, February would be a Camping month (although it’s our Winter Field Day which is in January), March would be a Virtual Meeting month, then April would be a Break month.  The break month doesn’t mean we wont be around…but we wont have a formal meeting.  It allows us a time when we can do a radio in the park, special project or something like that.  At the same time, it allows us to all have a breather from time to time.  We will be working on smaller instructional or build videos as well.  Then the process starts again.

We also invite you to do some small video’s as well.  If there is something you are working on, get some video.  It doesn’t have to be in 8k or 4k.  So be thinking about that.  The next time you are doing a Ham Radio project, or you have a topic you are researching, let us know.  We would be happy to upload your video to our YouTube channel.

Updated: November 29, 2018 — 10:08

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