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Meeting Structure

Club meetings will start having some structure. We still value an open floor forum, but we realize that sometimes new or potential hams want to know what our meetings will cover. So starting this coming up meeting the following Agenda will be followed.   1. Introductions (go around the room and introduce ourselves) (about 10 […]

New Year means New Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope all of you were safe, and in some places like Phoenix Arizona, you stayed warm despite the cold temperatures outside. With a New Year, most people set out to challenge themselves with what is commonly called Resolutions.  For some it might be to lose weight.  Some it might […]

New Ham Radio Setup Event

So we will not be doing any separate event.  Our Winter Field day is a month away.  Since we will have HF gear there, and some of our senior Hams there, we will be doing this at the same time. For further info on the Winter Field Day event, please visit Make sure you […]

Possible new event!!

We are interested in knowing who would be interested in doing a “help me get on the air” event in a park?   We would need to see who all needs assistance, who has mic fright, who has never been on the radio and needs assistance setting up their radio and going over the basics. […]

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