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Monsoon Season in Arizona

Everyone knows how unpredictable our Monsoon storms are here in the Phoenix valley area.  This makes it particularly valuable to prepare yourself. Charge your batteries, or buy extra batteries for your radio gear. Make sure you have a 72 hour kit in your house along with a bug out kit.  Especially those living on the […]

Petition e-1631 calling on the House of Commons to ensure security of HF airwaves.

Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled Whereas: The Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada is responsible for enforcing the regulations on the use of radio frequencies; An individual with malicious intentions is threatening the security of emergency radio communications in Quebec; Canada has more than 50,000 radio communications stations run […]

Field Day 2018 Event UPDATES

LATEST UPDATE 4:  UPDATE 3: I have updated our Field Day info.  Due to Fire Restrictions and Closures put into place, I have updated the event with the new info.  Pay attention to which map you are using.  I kept the OLD info just in case these closures get cancelled. IF the closure gets cancelled, […]

Last Nights meeting

Had a really good club meeting last night. Band pass filters had a ton of interest, which is always a good thing. We are still waiting to hear what Apache-Sitgreaves does with their forest closures, before we make a full decision. As of right now, the plan is to do the following: Plan A: Stick […]

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