Is Your Coax Good & The Right Length?

Fiori Films Presents Ham Radio TV: Is Your Coax Good? In this video Kevin N6VLF, will show you how to test your coax. RigExpert AA-600, AA-1000 and AA-1400 are powerful antenna analyzers designed for testing, checking, tuning or repairing antennas and antenna feedlines. Graphical SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) and impedance, as well as Smith/polar chart […]

What is WSPR: ham radio digital mode

(from What is WSPR: ham radio digital mode WSPR, Weak Signal Propagation Reporter is used for weak-signal radio communication between amateur radio operators WSPR or as it is pronounced, “Whisper” is a software set that is used for weak signal communication between amateur radio stations. In fact the letters WSPR stand for Weak Signal […]