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Band Pass Filter class

November 3rd will be a Band Pass Filter construction party. I will post a list of all the parts you need and you can find them.  Or, if you would rather have me purchase the items for you and you show up, that will be fine.  I just need to know how many people will […]

Next Meeting date and topics

Next meeting will be September 25th at 6:30pm. This will be a virtual meeting. Topic of discussion will be two items. AZ QSO Party, and SDR (Software Defined Radio). Remember, our virtual meetings will be on YouTube. Do a search for Mesa Amateur Radio Club, make sure you subscribe so you get alerts when we […]

Virtual Meetings

Hello everyone.  We recently received a question about what Virtual Meetings are.  So here is an explanation: Our club wanted an open border regarding our meetings.  We understand that not everyone can make it to our meetings, some are here just for the winter months, others might not even live in the State or even […]

Great Emergency Preparedness Antenna’s

Our next meeting, August 28th, we will be discussing Emergency Preparedness.  Specifically how it applies to Ham Radio.  One aspect is knowing how to build antennas from items you have laying around in your garage, office, or if you are desperate, dumpster diving. Here is one antenna that you can make if you have the […]

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