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Virtual Meetings update

We took a poll on Facebook to see what platform to do our virtual meetings, YouTube or Facebook.  Several people commented with great feedback. 1. Facebook is easier for people to access.  We have more members there. 2. YouTube is a great platform for chat and once done it automatically posts. but when it came […]

Novembers Meeting

We had the meeting, although only 3 members showed.  We actually expected this to happen since it’s around the holidays. Topics discussed was meetings.  We needed to reserve the meeting rooms for next year, so we talked about how we do our meetings. It’s very important to remember the following PCVB. P – Physical Meeting […]

Upcoming Meeting Topics

Meeting topics for our next meeting will be Winter Field Day and Contesting. Seems like many of us end up participating in some sort of contest.  Even Winter Field Day can be considered a contest.  So we will discuss contesting.  Topics will include how to find contests, where to find the rules, what to say, […]

Holiday Schedule

For those of you who are curious, November 27th will be a face to face meeting at the Mesa Utilities building. December meeting would be a virtual meeting, but it’s on Christmas day.  I doubt any of you are going to attend.  I might hold one for a short period of time in the early […]

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