ARRL Field Day is around the corner

Everyone get prepared for Field Day.  Few months to go.  But for those new to the hobby, feel free to come up and visit us during that weekend. What is Field Day?  Good question, so here is a document the ARRL put together  

Classes for Field Day

As most of you know, we need to have a training session for Field Day in order to get 100 bonus points.  So our training classes for Field Day will be how to build a balun and how to fix coax, which essentially teaches you how to make your own coax.  We will be splitting […]

Field Day location is set

Yes it’s early to start thinking about Field Day, but we don’t wait till the last minute to start planning. Once again, we will be going to the Moqui Group Site.  Simmons pod again.  Time for everyone to start asking for the time off from work. June 20th through the 24th is what we have […]

Winter Field Day results

Here are the results folks.  I want to thank Chad, Frank, Dennis, Vinnie and Joanne for making this years event a fun and successful event. Yes the event did happen.  Those who drove out but were not able to get past the locked gate, we apologize.  The Rangers had asked us to keep the main […]