QST QST QST – Field Day update number 2

I will start with concern.  Coconino County and Maricopa County have both made it a requirement to wear face mask in public.  Our club believes in the right of the individual to make decisions.  With that being said, I highly recommend that you bring a face mask.  You will not be required to wear one if you, the individual, chooses to not wear one.  If you feel safer to wear one, then please do.  We will be outside, not indoors, so we will have a greater opportunity to spread out and stay distanced if you want.  We have a 1000 foot circle that we are allowed to operate within.  That’s almost a quarter of a mile.  Plenty of space to spread out.
With that being said, if you decide to go into Payson, Pine, Strawberry, Clint’s Well, etc, most of those places might require you to wear one.  Especially businesses.  So be prepared to wear one when visiting those locations.

The forest is still in Stage 2 fire restrictions.  Part of these restrictions are no smoking outside of your vehicle.  So please adhere to this.  This is one rule that we will definitely follow because we don’t want to be the club that starts yet another forest fire in our State.

As of today, the 87 to Payson is closed because of the Bush Fire.  So those who are planning on coming up, you might have to take I17 to 260 at Camp Verde, then to the 87.  Yes it’s going to be a much longer trip, but as of right now, that’s the best way to go.  Unless they open the 87, which might happen any day now.

Weather report right now is looking fairly decent.  Mid 80’s for the high, upper 50’s or low 60’s for the low.  Strongly suggest that you bring Bug spray, sunscreen a light jacket for the evening and mornings.
Also, make sure you bring your food, and plenty to drink.

For those who are coming up just for Saturday, pay close attention to our Facebook page for updates as to where we are.  We will have our vertical banner with out club name on it, as close to the road as possible.  So keep an eye open for it.
That is it for now.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us.

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