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Field Day is over – Don’t be sad!!!

So yes Field Day is over.  We did fairly decent despite the fact that we didn’t make that many contacts. Our next meeting will be July 23rd.  We will do a debrief of Field Day activities, talk about how we can do better. We will also discuss Stealth Antennas and ways to hide your antennas.  […]

Classes for Field Day

As most of you know, we need to have a training session for Field Day in order to get 100 bonus points.  So our training classes for Field Day will be how to build a balun and how to fix coax, which essentially teaches you how to make your own coax.  We will be splitting […]

AZ QSO Party Weather Update

Well it’s close to the weekend.  The weather looks like it’s going to be a slightly wet one.  The National Weather Service keeps pushing the path of Sergio south.  That’s alright…we enjoy all forms of weather. Please make sure you bring your rain gear and a way to stay warm.  We will have a campfire […]