Field Day location is set

Yes it’s early to start thinking about Field Day, but we don’t wait till the last minute to start planning. Once again, we will be going to the Moqui Group Site.  Simmons pod again.  Time for everyone to start asking for the time off from work. June 20th through the 24th is what we have […]

Field Day – After Event

Wow….all I can say is this was one of the best Field Days we have had yet.  Those of you who missed out, you missed out on a good time. So here is a brief run down of some stuff we did.  This is not the full list…I will go through more on the Virtual […]

Field Day 2018 Event UPDATES

LATEST UPDATE 4:  UPDATE 3: I have updated our Field Day info.  Due to Fire Restrictions and Closures put into place, I have updated the event with the new info.  Pay attention to which map you are using.  I kept the OLD info just in case these closures get cancelled. IF the closure gets cancelled, […]

Field Day Announcement

For Field Day we are doing something different. We will not be going to a Reserved Group campground this year. We will be doing dry camping instead. The reason behind this is cost. Plus, the theory behind Field Day is to do a simulated off grid/Emergency Communications dry run, so lets switch it up. Here […]