August Virtual Meeting

This one will be short.  Mostly to discuss our camping trip, what we did and what didn’t happen.  We will also discuss some topics for videos that we will have coming up.  Right now I have three in the works for this weekend, that will be released slowly.  I have another one in the works, […]

Somewhat Fall camping trip

Slightly out of season…not quite our normal time, but our camping trip is coming up. We will be doing dispersed camping trip just off the Road to Young AZ.   More info will be put up this weekend. Here is the rough Coordinates as to where we will be.  This will be like our Field Day […]

Field Day is over – Don’t be sad!!!

So yes Field Day is over.  We did fairly decent despite the fact that we didn’t make that many contacts. Our next meeting will be July 23rd.  We will do a debrief of Field Day activities, talk about how we can do better. We will also discuss Stealth Antennas and ways to hide your antennas.  […]