Tuesday Meeting topic

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, November 26th at the Mesa Utilities Building.

This meeting is usually a small and short meeting due to the holidays coming up. Most people are traveling, on vacation, or just busy. So if you can’t make it then that is fine.

The topic will be DMR (NO, NOT Digital Music Rights) for Ham Radio.

This will NOT be an indepth presentation since I am no way an expert in DMR. If you have experience with DMR, it would be awesome for you to show up to lend me a hand. I do have a DMR radio but I rarely use it and I am, by far, NOT an expert.

We did have one person ask assistance in programming one, so we will see what we can do.

But I foresee that this will be a good topic for a virtual meeting as well. So don’t worry, you might not miss much if you are not at the meeting.

We will have some short videos coming out in the near future. One will be dedicated to Winter Field Day….and yes we will have a Virtual meeting in January to discuss Winter Field Day as well as other topics.

So, there is a Physical Meeting this coming Tuesday. December we will have no meeting, but we might have a live stream on Christmas Eve (which would be our normal meeting). That one might not actually happen, we will see.

Anyways, are there any other topics you would like to have taught? Please comment below and let us know.

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