Winter Field day about a week away!!

So Winter Field Day is almost a week away. It’s fast approaching.

So the plans are, and these are tentative so they might change:

Wednesday night we will do a short virtual meeting to discuss. That will be on YouTube.

Thursday, the campground is open from Noon on. We have the campground till Monday morning at 10am. This gives us the ability to operate for the entire time for WFD and not have to worry about hurrying up and packing up.

We will be doing live video on Facebook and YouTube throughout the event. So keep your eyes peeled for us. We want to do a good live event so we will see how this turns out.

We will be doing a 2 Meter slot antenna as a club project. The construction might be done live, or we might do the construction via video and post later. Those of you who are interested, we will be doing this Saturday morning before the event starts.

We plan on having at least 3 rigs going at any given time. Those of you who have just a Tech license, please come, this is the time to get on the air and get some experience on HF.

No satellite this time around because Frank has been busy to the point he hasn’t had time to mess with it. Sad really, since this area would be great to do Satellites, but life comes first.

We will be discussion our Field Day plans as well as our other camping trips. We would like to do 4 this year, so we will see what happens.

We will also be talking about meeting suggestions, so if you have one, please comment below.

One meeting topic will be Mesh Networking. We will have a guest speaker and we will let you know when that will happen. We are thinking of doing that in March. This is still in the works.

Anyways, for those of you coming up, there is one specific reserved site (see image posted). The reason is, the person who will be parking here has our Wifi connection along with limited internet, so we want to make sure that he is parked as close to the middle as possible.

For those who are bringing up their own radio to join in the fun, we use the N3FJP software, so make sure you bring a laptop with a Windows OS on it. This is super critical.

For those camping, expect similar temps as to what we are having right now. Low 40’s at night/early morning and then mid 60’s to upper 60’s during the day. Please dress and plan accordingly. However, this MIGHT change. Unknown at this time. We will post the weather report as time gets near. Expect Wind or breezy conditions…it’s a lake, there will always be either an onshore or offshore breeze.

The moon is going to be near New Moon, which means no moonlight at night. So bring headlamps and flashlights. Vinnie is required by Club policy to stay at least 6 feet away from any and all cactus….LOL!!

Sunrise is around 7am. Sunset is around 5:50pm.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at

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