Winter Field Day results

Here are the results folks.  I want to thank Chad, Frank, Dennis, Vinnie and Joanne for making this years event a fun and successful event.

Yes the event did happen.  Those who drove out but were not able to get past the locked gate, we apologize.  The Rangers had asked us to keep the main gate locked at all times.  We had requested that all visitors to call us via the 446.050 simplex frequency to get the gate code.  You could have also reached out to us on Facebook.  We were monitoring both all day Saturday.

We had several visitors to our site.  Chuck and Reese, news hams, visited our site, asked a ton of great questions.  Joanne brought her IC-7300 and broke it in, making 6 contacts.  So thank you Joanne.

So how did we do?  We could have definitely made more contacts.  However, the purpose of the event was to have fun and try new things.  We made one Off Center Fed Dipole antenna for Frank.  As mentioned before, Joanne brought out her new radio.  Chad busted out his new Buddie Pole.  All these were a great learning opportunity for everyone.  We also crossed over 1000 QSO’s as a club.

So here are the results:

86 contacts

1 contact to Japan

1 contact to Costa Rica

27 phone contact via 20 meters, 6 digital

51 phone contacts via 40 meters, 2 digital

Total DX Miles (QSOs in USA not counted) = 17,605
Average miles per DX QSO = 2,934

Could we have done more contacts?  Yes we could have, but our club isn’t a true contesting club.  We go camping to have fun, enjoy time with friends, learn new things, and work some radio.  We achieved all of our goals.

Next event will be in April, but we are still working on what and where.  Stay tuned?

Updated: February 4, 2019 — 20:31

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