Winter Field Day

Hello, everyone, WFD is approaching.  Another month and we will be camping up at Lake Roosevelt at the Goose Loop at Grapevine Group Camp ground.  Here is a link to the Google Map of the location.

Our Club Video is here

Please make sure you watch it.  It has other info in regarding changes to our club as well.

Here is the link to the Winter Field Day website,

Please make sure that you read the rules.  We will have several copies at the site with us, but it’s always good to have a brief understanding of the rules.  They are fairly straight forward.

Everyone is welcome to attend.  Our Campsite is reserved from January 23rd at noon to the 27th.  You can come camp the entire time, or just camp Friday night to Sunday, or you can come out and visit for the day.

We plan on doing a 2 Meter Slot antenna project, not sure the exact time we will be constructing it, but this will be a project that, if it works, we might do again.  This is a great way to get on the air, stealthy, from an HOA or other location that might restrict your antennas.  Plus it’s a great way of recycling and keeping these pieces of metal out of the landfill.

If you have questions, please email and Orion will get back in touch.  Also, don’t forget, Facebook.  We will be doing some live video’s while on site.


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